Application for student and tertiary concession MyWay card

About this form

Use this form to apply for a student or tertiary MyWay card. To apply for this card you must be a full-time student enrolled in a recognised educational institution.

Students attending one of the participating schools (Canberra High School, Gungahlin College and Covenant College) should contact the school who will arrange to place an order on behalf of the student. Cards will be returned to the school who will then issue the cards to the students.

Only use this form for initial applications. For replacement of lost or stolen cards please purchase a new MyWay card from a MyWay agent and call 13 17 10 to cancel your old MyWay card and to request a balance transfer.

MyWay cards for all students except the participating schools will be sent to the students nominated home address.

Cards for Tertiary students will be sent to the home address and are subject to a postage charge.



Phone: 13 17 10
Online: Feedback form

Payment options

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Payments up to $10,000 can be made with either Visa or MasterCard.

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