TCCS approval for Driveways, Stormwater Easement clearances, Waste Management Plans and Landscape Management Protection

About this form

This form is to be completed when applying for the following approvals:

a) Driveway
Design and construction of new driveways and\or alteration to existing driveways. For the purpose of this form, driveways mean the construction of a vehicle access to the block over the verge between the ‘kerb and gutter’ and the property boundary.

b) Stormwater
The stormwater easement is an area set aside within the block, free of buildings and other obstructions, to protect underground stormwater pipes to allow for maintenance activities. Existence of an easement must be checked by TCCS and if an easement exists then the construction in the vicinity of the easement must be cleared by TCCS.

c) Waste Management Plan
For the purpose of this form, it is a plan or a document which shows where development waste is being disposed of when the total waste generated from demolition and excavation exceeds 20 cubic meters. It is a Government requirement that all recyclable demolition or construction waste be recycled where possible to reduce land fill.

d) Landscape Management and Protection Plan (LMPP) & Dilapidation report
A plan which shows the protection and management of the Territory’s assets on the verge during construction, when a development is being undertaken. Assets typically include trees, grass, footpaths, kerb and gutter, street lighting, stormwater sumps etc.

This form applies to all developments for which a Development Application (DA) is not required to be lodged with Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate (EPSDD) except for your need to have a formwork inspection only, where a DA has been lodged and it involves 3 or less dwellings.

Note: Refunds will NOT be given if the lodgement is made incorrectly in contravention to information provided in this form.

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Required attachments

You may be required to attach one or more of the following documents. Please make sure you have these files ready to attach before you fill out the form.

For information on what needs to be included in the plans, please download the sample site plan [PDF, 1,137KB].


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