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This form facilitates submission of representations in relation to traffic infringement notices issued by ACT Policing Officers, RTA vehicle inspectors, or by the ACT Traffic Camera Office. For traffic infringements in another Australian state or territory please contact the relevant police or road authority. ACT Road Transport legislation only allows the person who has been served with an infringement to apply for withdrawal of the notice or dispute liability.

Traffic infringements do not include ACT parking fines.

If you have been served with a Traffic Infringement Notice or a Reminder Notice, you may lodge an application for withdrawal of the notice or request an extension of time to pay or to submit an infringement notice declaration within 28 days after the Date of Service.

You may also lodge a notice to dispute liability within 28 days after the Date of Service.
Note: If your representation clearly contradicts the Police evidence the matter will be referred to the Court.

For more information, visit the ACT Policing Traffic fines page.


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