Notice of Asbestos Removal Work

About this form

This form is used to notify of asbestos removal under section 466 of the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011. The licensed asbestos removalist must give written notice to WorkSafe ACT at least five days before removal work is commenced.

Where asbestos must be removed immediately, the licensed asbestos removalist must telephone WorkSafe ACT on 6207 3000 and complete and submit this form within 24 hours of the telephone notification. Immediate removal of asbestos may be commenced if:

  • There is a sudden and unexpected event, including a failure of equipment, that may cause persons to be exposed to respirable asbestos fibres, or
  • An unexpected breakdown that requires immediate rectification to enable the service to continue.

Please refer to the Guidance Note – Demolition notification before completing this notification.


There is no fee for this notification.

Lodging your notification

This notification must be provided to WorkSafe ACT at least 5 days before the work commences and for emergency service organisations, as soon as practicable.


WorkSafe ACT

Phone: 02 6207 3000


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