Food Business New Registration Application

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This form is to be used to apply for a registration under the Food Act 2001 (the Act). You can access the Act and its regulation at

Registration is issued to the owner of the business, who is the person(s) who will have the overall responsibility for the business, including responsibility for any contraventions of the Act.

    1. Trusts will not be registered, companies operating as trustees for a trust will be registered in the company name only.
    2. Applications listing a partnership as the owner will not be accepted. if your business is operated by a partnership, one or more of the individuals of the partnership will need to be listed.
    3. Ownership details on this application form must be completed seperately for each individual listed as an owner.
  • Read the 'Food Business - Registration Information' prior to completing this application form (available at
  • All registered food businesses require at least one trained Food Safety Supervisor. Visit for further information.
  • New businesses must submit a full set of plans A3 size, with elevations, specifications and details of all fixtures, fittings, equipment and surface finishes.
  • An Application for Fitout or Plan Assessment must also be completed along with this application.


This form requires you to submit attachments as part of the lodgement process. PDF is the preferred format for these attachments.

  • If applying as a company - A current company extract (issued within the previous 30 days) from the Australian Securities and Investment Commission ASIC).
  • One form of photographic identification for each owner (or for the registered agent if applying as a company) sighted and certified by an authorised witness.
  • A full set of plans of A3 size, with elevations, specifications and details of all fixtures, fittings, equipment and surface finishes.
  • If applying for a fee exempt application, evidence of fee exempt status is required.


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