Exempt Declaration Form 1N

About this form

Use this form to make an application for approval of minor departure/s from the Single Residential Housing Development Code.

Departures from the numerical controls in the Rules of the Single Residential Housing Development Code will only be considered in relation to building envelope controls, the minimum dimension for private open space and setbacks for proposed development on residential land.

The Environment, Planning and Sustainable Development Directorate may only approve a minor departure/s where no‐one other than the applicant will be adversely affected by the departure and the environmental impact caused by the approval of the departure will do no more than minimally increase the environmental impact of the development. For more information please go to the Exempt Declaration page.


This form requires you to submit attachments as part of the lodgement process. The following two attachments are mandatory. PDF is the preferred format for these attachments.

Application process

After submission of this form, the application will go through an administration and documentation check. Once the check has been completed you will be emailed with a fee advice that must be paid before assessment will commence.


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