Radiation Source Registration Transfer of Ownership

About this form

This form is to be used to transfer a radiation source to a new owner under the Radiation Protection Act 2006.

This transfer form must be completed by the current registered owner and the new owner.

Application process

To transfer a registration:

  1. The current registered owner (or agent) must open a new form below. He or she must enter the current registration details, approve the transfer and enter the contact details of the new source owner.
  2. The new source owner will receive a link by email to complete the remainder of the transfer application.
  3. When both parties have completed the application, the form will be forwarded to the Health Protection Service.


There are no fees associated with this transfer.


This form requires you to submit attachments as part of the lodgement process. PDF is the preferred format for these attachments.

The current registered owner must attach a copy of the current registration certificate.

The new source owner must attach:

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