Representation for Current Development Application

About this form

Use this form to lodge a representation for a current development application during the notification period.


A representation is a comment on or objection to a development application. A representation must be made during the public notification period to be considered during the assessment of the development application. If you make a representation during the public notification period you will be notified of the decision as well as any rights of review.

PLEASE NOTE: Representations submitted for development applications marked - PUBLIC NOTIFICATION PERIOD CLOSED - Representations can no longer be submitted in relation to this DA on the public notification website will not be considered in the assessment of the DA in accordance with the requirements of S156(2) of the Planning and Development Act 2007.

Public Register

All representations form part of the public register and are made available to the applicant, unless an exemption has been granted.

You may request to have part or all of your representation excluded from the public register under Sections 411 or 412 of the Planning and Development Act 2007. Your request for exclusion must clearly identify what you are seeking to exclude and how the request satisfies the exclusion criteria. If your request for exclusion is approved the Authority will seek to protect the information from disclosure. However, the Authority cannot guarantee that the information will not have to be disclosed pursuant to a legal obligation.


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