Certificate of Regularisation Application

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A Certificate of Regularisation can be issued for the occupation of buildings constructed by the Commonwealth or ACT Government that did not require building approval when they were constructed (i.e. in place of a Certificate of Occupancy or Certificate of Compliance).

Applications for a Certificate of Regularisation may be made by the Government concerned or the tenant before a building is sold or by a lessee after a lease has been issued for the land.

For a Certificate of Regularisation to be issued, you need to employ a licensed building certifier. The building certifier must be registered as a building surveyor or, for buildings over three storeys or 2000 square metres, as a principal building surveyor.

The certifier will be able able to assist you in obtaining all of the information required for this application.

The certifier must also provide a statement certifying that the building is:

  • structurally sound;
  • can withstand the loadings likely to arise from its expected use; and
  • contains reasonable provision for the safety of persons likely to be in the building if there is a fire. This includes adequate facilities for leaving the building, the prevention and suppression of fire and the prevention of the spread of fire.
A copy of this statement must be provided with your application.


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