Applications for Home Buyer Assistance Schemes lodged late or after original submission of dutiable documents

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Lodgement of late applications:

If an application is not received within the relevant timeframe, the Commissioner for ACT Revenue may accept the late application if it is considered fair and reasonable to do so. Following acceptance of a late application, the Commissioner may reassess the duty liability in accordance with section 9 of the Taxation Administration Act 1999.

Complete this form to lodge a late application for the following schemes and grant:

  • Home Buyer Concession Scheme
  • Pensioner Duty Concession Scheme
  • Deferred Duty Scheme
  • Over 60's Home Bonus Scheme


Please note: 

If you are a solicitor or agent lodging on behalf of a client you will need to print the applicable declaration for your client to complete and sign, which much be scanned and attached to this submission.

If you are a self lodger and your transaction involves more than one buyer or applicant, additional declarations will need to be printed, completed and attached to this submission.


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