Waste Facility and Waste Transporter

About this form

This form is to be used to apply for a Waste Facility Licence and/or a Waste Transporter Registration under the Waste Management and Resource Recovery Act 2016 (the Act).

This form allows the applicant to do the following;

  • Apply for a Waste Facility Licence; and/or
  • Apply for a Waste Transported Registration;

If approved, the licence will allow for a waste management business to store, sort, treat, process and dispose of waste in accordance with the Act.

If approved, the registration will allow for a waste transporter to collect and transport waste in accordance with the Act.

Payment options

Applicants will be required to make payment following the approval of their licence/ registration application. An invoice of the amount owing will be sent to the email address provided in this application unless otherwise specified to ACT NOWaste. Please refer to ACT NoWaste Fees Disallowable Instrument page for more information.


Access Canberra

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Email: TCCS.WasteRegulation@act.gov.au

Your personal information

Access Canberra uses this form to collect information which is necessary to allow the ACT Government to provide services to you. Personal Information may be used or disclosed in accordance with the Information Privacy Act 2014.

For details on the collection of personal information in this form please refer to the Access Canberra Information Collection Notice. If you have questions about how your information will be handled please see the Access Canberra Privacy Policy and the TCCS privacy statement or contact us.

Likely disclosures

ACT NoWaste is collecting the information in the form for the under the Waste Management and Resource Recovery ACT 2016, for the purposes assessing your application for a waste facility or waste transporter licence. ACT NoWaste may only disclose your information to other ACT Government Directorates, Commonwealth, State and other Territory government agencies, law enforcement and court agencies, Territory and EPA licensing inspectors, and third parties if authorised, or required by law.