Waste Facility and Waste Transporter

About this form

This form is to be used to apply for a Waste Facility Licence and/or a Waste Transporter Registration under the Waste Management and Resource Recovery Act 2016 (the Act). This application can be saved prior to submission and allows applicants to print the document for internal approval prior to the submission of application to Waste Regulation. The application must only be completed by a person authorised by the applicant business to submit the application.

To complete this application you will require:

  • Business details including ABN, ACN, address and the legal entity name.
  • For corporations, the details of every Director and Public Officer (eg. phone number, email address, postal address and date of birth). This information is for identification only and directors/ public officers will not be contacted on the progress of the application unless otherwise stated in the application.
  • For trustees, the details of each trustee (eg. phone number, email address, postal address and date of birth).
  • Information on the type of waste handled.

For Waste Facility Licence applications:

  • Evidence of approved land use for the waste activities listed in the application. Example: A development approval, a copy of Crown Lease (if the applicant is the Lessee), a sub-lease contract or letter for the Lessee.
  • Particulars of the land where the facility is located including the address, block, section and division as shown on ACTMAPI.
  • For proposed waste facilities, a plan of the area and/or facilities to be used for stockpiling, if applicable.

For Waste Transporter Registration applications:

  • Details on the vehicles used to transport waste including vehicle registration number, manufacturer name, year of manufacture, vehicle model and waste load capacity.

Your personal information

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Likely disclosures

ACT NoWaste is collecting the information in the form for the under the Waste Management and Resource Recovery ACT 2016, for the purposes assessing your application for a waste facility or waste transporter licence. ACT NoWaste may only disclose your information to other ACT Government Directorates, Commonwealth, State and other Territory government agencies, law enforcement and court agencies, Territory and EPA licensing inspectors, and third parties if authorised, or required by law.