Requests for Exemptions, Extensions or a Reduction from Conditional Requirements of Home Buyer Assistance Schemes

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This form allows applicants of the Home Buyer Assistance Schemes to request exemption, extensions or reductions in the conditional requirements of the schemes. The conditional requirements are structured to ensure they are not able to be exploited by people who would otherwise be ineligible or intend to use the residence for purposes other than as their home e.g. as an investment property. However, where genuine home buyers cannot satisfy these requirements, the Commissioner for ACT Revenue may exercise various discretions, including to vary the residency requirements or to exempt an applicant or applicants from complying with them in whole or part.


Please note: 

If you are a solicitor or agent lodging on behalf of a client you will need to print the applicable declaration for your client to complete and sign, which much be scanned and attached to this submission.

If you are a self lodger and your transaction involves more than one buyer or applicant, additional declarations will need to be printed, completed and attached to this submission.


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