Garbage, recycling (wheelie) bins or hoppers: new or additional

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IMPORTANT: Bin requests for "Initial services for new unit/town house" over 10 units must be submitted by Wednesday 12 December. Any requests received after Wednesday 12 December may not be actioned until Tuesday 2 January 2019.

Use this form to submit a request to supply:

  • New garbage or recycling (wheelie) bin/s for a new house
  • Additional wheelie bins for premises with an existing wheelie bin service (not units/townhouse complexes - fees apply)
  • Upgrade a 140 litre wheelie garbage bin to a 240 litre wheelie garbage bin and/or a 240 litre recycling bin to a 360 litre recycling bin (not units/townhouse complexes - fees apply)
  • Initial services for a new unit/townhouse complex. To be completed by the body corporate or managing agent. NOTE: You must attach an electronic copy of the site plan
  • Change to services for an established unit/townhouse complex (fees apply - refer to fee schedule) To be completed by the body corporate or managing agent.

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